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Adam Targett
Since I started teaching in Poland three years ago, I have traveled through many countries honing my teaching skills, not only in English, but also in art, sport and music education. From summer camps of 150 students from 5 countries, to one2one home tutoring of special needs children, I have experienced a wealth of variety in age and ability and found that the most fun and exciting to teach is always young learners.
Asia is a new adventure and I'm very glad to have been given the opportunity to work in wonderful schools such as The Sunshine center, where I can continue to educate and develop the happy, smiley faces of Hanoi's youth.
   Bui Lan Huong

Time is flying so fast that sometimes I wish I am able to run or even dream if I could fly faster just to have enough time to enjoy my life more, to learn more, to get more and to work more. I love children or at least love to have fun with them and to sink in their fantastic dreams.
  Claire Barnard

My name is Claire Barnard; I'm an EFL teacher from Seattle, Washington, USA. I've been in Hanoi for a year and half, and during that time I've truly enjoyed getting to know the people, culture, and food of Vietnam. Teaching at Sunshine School is great because the students are funny, cheerful, and dedicated to learning a new and challenging language. I have made some great memories here with the students and staff, and look forward to a new and rewarding year
  Dieu Linh

Hi there, My name’s Linh. I graduated from The University of Foreign Languages & International Studies in 2012.Becoming a teacher at Sunshine is a turning point in my life and I am very proud of this. I have been at Sunshine for nearly one year and it’s really great time in my life since I have spent time with friendly colleagues and lovely students . Hey kids, let’s come and join friends at Sunshine sharing wonderful English together!
  Do Thuong

Hi! My name’s Thuong, I graduated from Vietnam National University - University of Languages and International Studies in 2010. I’m a new teacher at Sunshine but I enjoy this job so much. My happiness reaches its utmost degree when I deliver a lesson and I feel it resulted in a great effect on my students. I’m very proud of myself being a teacher. It makes my life worth living!
Hà Anh

Hello! I’m Ha Anh. I graduated from Hanoi University in 2002. I’ll have finished Master Program by December 2010. I’ve been teaching English at colleges for 8 years. Now, I’m a teacher of English at Hanoi Tourism college. I also teach kids ranging in age from 6 to 15. I love children , so that I feel so happy as I teach English for children and I see their English is getting better day by day.
  John Kis

John is from Melbourne, Australia and has been living in Hanoi for 4 years. John came to Hanoi to work for an NGO called East Meets West on a project to improve newborn health in his role as an electronic engineer. He has also been teaching Vietnamese children and adults conversational English during this time. He is passionate about teaching and wants to improve the quality of education in Vietnam. He loves learning about the world, finding peaceful places, tea-drinking and cloud-gazing.

Le Quynh

Hello everyone!
My name is Quynh I graduated from Vietnam National University, Hanoi - University of Languages and International Studies. I have been working as a teaching assistant at Sunshine for nearly a year. During nearly a year, I really had a lot of exciting experiences and wonderful period of time with my beloved children as well as other teachers and staffs here. Sunshine makes me more matured and confident about myself. Also, I love my kids very much. Whenever I see my children, I feel happy and comfortable. Hopefully, in the future I will become a good English teacher with the aim of bringing active English learning environment to each classroom.
Hey children, come and join with us!
Mai Tuyet Nhung

Miss Tuyet Nhung graduated from Vietnam National University, the College of Foreign Languages (The University of Languages and International study as its name at the moment). She really loves children and always takes special care of them. Come and join in her class!!!! You'll find her very enthusiatic about teaching the children at Sunshine School.
Vu Thuong

Hi guys  ^^
I am Minh Thuong and I graduated from University of Language & International studies.
I have a big love for children those are very cute and naive ^^  so working as an English teacher at Sunshine school always makes me happy and relaxed. I also accumulated a lot of precious knowledge and experience. I would like to thank Sunshine center and give my big love for all my lovely students here. Let’s come and learn English with us ^^
  Nghiem Hong Nhung

Ms. Nhung graduated from Viet Nam National University- College of Foreign Languages in 2002. She worked for May School for 4 years specializing in curriculum development for young learners. She has been a teacher at Sunshine since June, 2006 and with her proficient development experience, spearheads the curriculum development at Sunshine.  She always ensures her classes enjoy interacting in English!
  Hoang Bich Ngoc

My name is Ngoc. I am twenty-five years old. I graduated from University of Languages and International Studies - Ha Noi National University in 2012. I am now teaching English at the Global International School. I love teaching students, especially children.
I am open and easy-going peson.
I like listening to music and watching films when I have free time.
I hope I will get more experience to give more effective and attractive lessons.
Ngoc Oanh

I have graduated from the University of languages and international studies. I specialize in English teaching. My hobbies: I like to discovery all new things. Four words to describe myself: dynamic, enthusiastic, youthful and responsible. Personally, our English centre Sunshine is the second place for me to self-improve. Children arouse my enthusiasm day by day, and I love their spontaneity and curiosity, too.
Nguyen Hang

I’m Hang. I graduated from Vietnam National University, Hanoi. I have been teaching in Sunshine since 2011. I love teaching kids as they usually make me surprised. Teaching isn’t just a “job” to me – it’s my joy. After I go ahead and teach, I always end up feeling better. Teaching children keeps my mind active and my spirit young. I am indeed very greatful for the opportunity to become a teacher!
Nguyễn Huyền

Hi! My name is Nguyen Huyen, I graduated from National Univesity of Foreign Language. I am 32 years old. I have got 2
boys, they are 5 and 2 years old. My hobbies are: reading books, travelling, shopping and most of all is playing with children. I love my job to work with children everyday. See you at Sunshine school!
   Nguyen Mat

Hi, my name’s Mat. You can call me Cool, too. I am graduated from University of Languages and International Studies. I really love children and I want to spend my time helping them getting better and better in English. Guys, I know that studying anything is difficult and English is no exception. However, there are ways to make the situation easier. I have come up with my own general rules for learning English. Do you want to listen? Do you want to know them? OK, guys, let’s join my class! :-*
  Nguyen Thiet

Hi, there! I’m Thiet coming from University of Foreign Language and International Studies- VNU. Sometimes, people call me as Ms. Necessary (^_^). Something about myself! I’m really passionate about music; listen to it whenever and wherever I can!!! Also, I’m very keen on working at Sunshine school where I can meet cute angels and teach them English!
  Thu Huyen

Hi, children! My full name is Nguyễn Thu Huyền. I graduated from Hanoi College of Education. My major is English Teaching Methodology.  I really love children and Sunshine school. My dream is becoming a good and friendly teacher. I will help kids love English. I always hope that children will feel more interesting and funny in English lesson. Children will think that “ Learning English is very easy “.  Let’s join Sunshine School!
  Pham Lien

Hello, kids! My name is Lien. I’m now teaching English at Phuong Dong University. Besides, I have been working for Sunshine for 2 years. My favorite activities are riding a motorbike, watching DVDs, listening to music, but I like reading most. Do you want to have fun with English? Join Sunshine right now!
Pham Linh

My name is Linh. I am a sophomore in Faculty of English Language Teacher Education at University of Languages and International Studies. I have been a tutor in Sunshine Center since 2012.  I am very happy when I stand a golden chance to work here. I accumulated a lot of precious experiences which I cannot find in any books. They are really useful for my future job.
Phan Thu Huyen

Ms. Huyen has a Bachelors Degree in English Language Teaching from Viet Nam National University. She gained much of her experience working with children during her 8 years of teaching and managing staff at May School then 6 years at Sunshine.   With her experience and a new vision for English Communication, Ms. Huyen established Sunshine over six years ago. She hopes students at will be more confident, independent and knowledgeable for their future career.
  Tran Huyen

Hello! My name’s Huyen. I graduated at Vietnam National University, Hanoi University of Languages and International Studies. I have got several years’ teaching experience, and I have worked at Sunshine Center since early 2012. I love Sunshine kids and love teaching here. This is a wonderful environment for children to study and play. Hope to see all of you at Sunshine.
  Tristan Cox

Hi! My name's Tristan, I'm from Birmingham in England. I studied theology at the University of Birmingham and was a chess teacher for many years before moving to Budapest in Hungary for two years to work as an English teacher. Since then I've been living in Hanoi for three years and working for Sunshine School from 2010. I really like it here as Hanoi is a very interesting and lively city with lots of friendly people and the children here are great fun to teach. In my free time I enjoy reading and writing poetry, drawing, reading, travelling and learning Spanish and Vietnamese.

Vu Xuan

Hi! I’m Xuan. I graduated from Vietnam National University, Hanoi - University of Languages and International Studies. I’m particularly keen on learning and teaching English. In my leisure time, I enjoy listening to English songs and watching CNN news. I love talking with foreigners from a variety of countries in the world as I can learn immensely about their culture and languages. I have been teaching English at Sunshine for 1 year and I am so in love with kids here because they are so cute and smart. I also really enjoy the working environment at Sunshine since it’s so professional. So kids, I’m inviting you to join the exciting English journey with me at Sunshine School.
  Ha Phuong

Hi, I am Phuong. I graduated from Hanoi Open University. I am a new teacher at Sunshine but I have been teaching English for more than 2 years. I love children and I think I am good with them as well. My dream is becoming a really good English teacher and I am sure that Sunshine will be a great answer. But first of all, thanks to you, my students.'


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