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Miss Piggy and the muses

The daily quiz: Miss Piggy and the muses

In our weekly reader-set quiz, Andrew Smith tests your knowledge of board games, body parts and bands

Miss Piggy

What's her surname? Photograph: Getty Images

  1. Miss Piggy  What is Miss Piggy's surname?
  2. The Bible 
    In the Authorised Version of the Bible, what is the last word in the Old Testament?

  3. An open dictionary 
    "Hinkumbooby" is, or was, what?

  4. Daleks from a Doctor Who episode
    Over the past 50 years, several US presidents have been represented by actors in Doctor Who. Which one of the following has NOT?

  5. Question mark 
    Franz Joseph Gall and Johann Gaspar Spurzheim are among the founding fathers of what?

  6. Queen Victoria
    One of the following is not a Muse. Which?

  7. Family playing board games 
    The board game Halma was invented in the early 1880s by George Howard Monks. How many playing pieces are used in a two-player game?

  8. Microphone 
    Shona Mooney and Olivia Ross are members of which all-female group?

  9. Katherine Jenkins
    What parts of the human anatomy are used in the traditional game Up Jenkins?

  10. A globe is held upside down
    Where is the Land of Green Ginger?


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1. Let's try our 1st riddle- Mời các bạn cùng thử sức với những câu đố đầu tiên này. Các bạn hãy gửi kết quả vào hòm thư của trường Địa chỉ email này đang được bảo vệ khỏi chương trình thư rác, bạn cần bật Javascript để xem nó hoặc nộp bài cho các cô giáo vụ để nhận những giải thưởng vô cùng hấp dẫn nhé!

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